Houston Skyline Engagement Session

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Downtown Houston Skyline Engagement Session

Mark and I met Katie & David downtown for their downtown Houston skyline engagement session. We could not have asked for a more perfect summer evening. There was a nice breeze, lower than normal humidity and temperatures were not in the triple digits like Houston is famous for.

Near The Dunlavy, sits Eleanor Tinsley Park

At the beginning of the session, we had a group of dancers practicing their choreography. I have no doubt for their upcoming America’s Got Talent audition. Then, towards the end of the engagement session, we noticed a group of people setting up for a proposal. Illuminated letters spelling ‘MARRY ME’ with the Houston skyline at dusk as the backdrop is definitely a pretty cool way to propose. Hands-down though, David’s proposal to Katie would win my vote!! We all decided it would be fun to hang out after the session and see the proposal actually happen. As we were waiting, Katie began to tell me how David proposed. David had quite the proposal adventure prepared for Katie. David even came up with a spreadsheet, full of different scenarios, just in case.

(Cool side note – David is not my only groom that has come up with spreadsheets for his proposal. There have been at least two others. I just have to say, I love how romantic my couples are!)

Ya’ll, David elaborately planned and recreated several of the special moments he and Katie had shared since they met in English class at the University of Texas. The restaurant playing the first movie they saw, to him proposing at the place Katie had once stated how romantic she thought it was, everything was planned with heartfelt intention. The best part though, as Katie started noticing the ‘coincidences’, she did not have a clue all of it was for him to actually propose!! She just thought he was making their dating anniversary special! Pretty cool, huh?

As amazing as Katie & David’s Houston Skyline Engagement Session was, their wedding at The Farmhouse next Spring is going to be even more amazing!!

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