Botanical Garden Engagement Session

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Paisley had been a bridesmaid for two of my past brides, so when I saw Ryan had proposed I was really hoping I would get to be their photographer!  Needless to say, I was pretty darn excited when I saw her name pop up in my inbox not too long after the proposal.  I’m pretty sure I did a happy dance right then and there!!  She made me feel so special when she worked her date around my availability!!!

I had been looking forward to their engagement session for months but my mom went on hospice the day it was scheduled.  I knew how hard it had been for all of our schedules to align for this initial date.  Without hesitation, Paisley was perfectly fine with rescheduling.  I will forever be grateful for her kindness and understanding because my mom rapidly declined and passed the very next day!  I don’t mean to get sidetracked from the joy of their engagement session.  All of these moments led me to finally going full time with my photography.  One day I will tell this whole story. For now, I will just say Paisley’s kind reaction helped me put things into perspective.

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I was so excited when we were finally able to meet Ryan and Paisley at this beautiful garden not too far from Houston.  The Mercer Botanical Gardens offers a lot of variety. We quickly realized Ryan was taking this photoshoot very seriously and could tell he actually enjoyed working it in front of the camera, then again, can you blame him?  Paisley is gorgeous so of course, he wouldn’t mind.  Making googly eyes at her and kissing her was easy for him!!  Towards the end of the session, he even made Mark and I blush.

We had so much fun spending the evening with them.  We can’t wait for Ryan & Paisley’s wedding this Fall at the new Springs Event Venue, the Trinity Farmhouse in Wallisville!!

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  1. Tammy Way says:

    Just looking at these again and enjoying seeing such happiness and love between Paisley and Ryan! Looking forward to so many more blessed and joyous moments with these two as our family grows!! 🥰

    • Ellen Williams says:

      It was truly a beautiful day!! I loved getting to meet you!!

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