Backyard Wedding Ceremony | Claudia & Hunter

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Houston Texas Backyard COVID Wedding

Backyard Wedding near Houston in Fulshear Texas

This was not how Claudia and Hunter envisioned their wedding day and still …. it was perfect!! Though their big party at Hotel Zaza was postponed until 2021, everything about this small, intimate backyard wedding ceremony at Claudia’s parents’ house not too far from Houston, was absolutely beautiful. The day was filled with gorgeous light, perfect temps, and one stunning couple!!!

Though I felt like a third wheel during their private first touch, it was so touching to witness them go from smiling ear to ear, to eyes brimming with tears in literally the exact same moment though they could not see each other. They were completely swept up in the emotion that despite all of the craziness and uncertainty that was going on in the world, this was it. What felt like an endless array of planning, then changing the plans had finally brought them to that very moment when it fully hit them and all the joy and emotion of vowing to spend forever together came flooding out. …….. and yes, I do have the best job EVER!!!

Now….. I just have to sit on Claudia’s bridal photos in her real wedding dress until next year…. OMG!!! Talk about torture!!! … but it is soooo worth the wait!

Hair/Makeup: Carley Hair & Makeup

Florals: Laurel Events

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